Named for the mythical Elysian Fields, this southern Minnesota city remains true to its namesake …a quiet, peaceful place with gently rolling hills and fields. Surrounded by lakes, Elysian is a summer city for many. For over 600 residents, it’s called home. Elysian thrives on quaintness, thinks progressively, supports local businesses, and welcomes tourists. A culture of cooperation, community spirit, neighborly charm and hometown pride create a high quality of life.

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Sakatah Singing Hills Trail

The Sakatah Singing Hills Trail runs between Mankato and Faribault, through Elysian, which is the mid-point of the Sakatah Trail. Whether hiking, biking, skating or snowmobiling the 39 mile trail, you will find Elysian to be the perfect rest stop. In 1991, a group of 25 Elysian residents met to discuss the idea of hard-surfacing the Trail. Working in conjunction with the Minnesota DNR, the group lobbied local legislators to gain the necessary funding to have the entire trail black-topped in 1995. A convenient wayside rest was built on the trail in Elysian, reminiscent of an earlier train depot located there. For more information on the Sakatah Singing Hills Trail call 800-507-7787 or (507)267-4040.

Elysian Tourism Center

Elysian’s Tourism Center

The tourism center Located on Hwy. 60 along the Sakatah State Trail. It is not currently open to visitors but is the site of meetings for community groups and their events.


Tustin Park

Located on Tustin Lake Road on the East side of Elysian, Tustin Park is a quaint, quiet, dog-friendly park with a picnic shelter, grill, horseshoe courts, and canoe/kayak access to Lake Tustin.

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Lake Francis Park

A complete playground, volleyball court, ball field, swimming beach, and picnic shelter provide a recreation spot on the south shore of Lake Francis. Ample parking and restrooms are available at this location only blocks from the Sakatah Singing Hills State Trail and Elysian’s Main Street shops and restaurants.

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Sunset Park

A 4-plus acre greenspace park in the making, currently featuring a Veterans Memorial, Minnesota garden, and picnic tables for gathering with friends and family for a meal or to sit back and take in the beautiful sunsets. Walking trails to come, along with other amenities.

Klondike Hill

A popular tourist attraction is Klondike Hill. Located north of Elysian, Klondike is known as one of the first spots the Jesse James Gang camped in August of 1876. It is well known that they used the hill as a campsite and look-out post and utilized the railroad route to make their way to Northfield for the infamous bank robbery. Present-day Klondike Hill is an area set aside for hunting, hiking and enjoying nature. It is the highest point in three counties and offers a panoramic view of the surrounding area.

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4th of July Celebration

This special festival features one of the largest parades in Southern Minnesota. Other attractions include the Elysian turtle races, a vintage car show, kids fishing contest, flea market, street dances, concession stands and a fireworks display over Lake Tustin. All make for summertime family fun and a wonderful way to celebrate our independence!


Lake Francis Ice Fishing Contest

Elysian extends a hearty winter welcome to ice fishermen, women and youth the 1st Sunday in February. Ice anglers are invited to compete for cash and merchandise prizes. All who enter are treated to Elysian’s famous “Hunter’s Stew”! This annual event is sponsored by the Elysian American Legion Post 311.

Irish Mountain Orchard

Family-run orchard located in Minnesota’s scenic hill country just outside of Elysian City limits. U-pick or pre-bagged apples and pears available seasonally. Apple varieties include: Zestar, Honeycrisp, Chestnut Crab, Fireside, & Haralson. Pear variety’s include Nova & Parker.