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Suemnick’s Final Cut Tree Service LLC

Suemnick’s Final Cut Tree Service, LLC was established in 2010 by then 21-year-old Bryan Suemnick. At a young age, Bryan learned that he had a knack for cutting trees while cutting wood to heat his childhood home where he lived with his five siblings and parents. His parents, Bonnie and Curt Suemnick, instilled a strong work ethic into all their children at a young age.

After high school, Bryan started working in the construction field. While working for James Brothers Construction of Elysian, Bryan was encouraged by the owners, Wayne and Steve James, to pursue his passion for cutting trees and turn it into a business. They offered helpful advice on business management and equipment maintenance.

Bryan continued to work for James Brothers Construction for two full seasons, during which time, he worked nights and weekends to build his tree service business. He started with a skid loader and dump trailer for hauling debris from tree removal projects. As his company grew, he was able to buy more equipment and trucks and eventually build a shop for his business at his home in Elysian, where he moved in 2015. As the years went by, his business started to focus on commercial contracts while continuing to do municipal and residential work. In 2020, he signed with the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 49. Fast forward to the year 2022, Bryan’s company now has several employees and a substantial fleet of trucks and equipment allowing for single tree removal to large scale clearing projects. His fleet includes stump grinders, whole tree chippers, excavators, skid loaders, log trucks, bucket trucks, dump trucks, and other heavy equipment. His tree service travels all over Southern MN and into the metro area for work.

As his business grows, he will continue to offer the best work to all clients. All clients past, present, and future are greatly appreciated and Bryan would like to say thank you for supporting a local business by calling and giving his company the opportunity to bid on all your tree care needs.